What are the components of an EarthSub configuration?

/What are the components of an EarthSub configuration?

The core components of an EarthSub installation are a sensor to detect and report ground movements. A hub to provide power to the sensors and provide telemetry to a site controller. The site controller interprets data from the sensor and determines if an alarm needs to be triggered or data on a ground movement needs to be logged. The site controller then forwards data to the EarthSub Administration Software Suite for display and warning processing.

A basic configuration would be an EarthSub sensor, a site controller and a coaxial cable to connect the two items. A typical field configuration would be a number of sensors being connected by a cable to a hub (8 sensors max per hub) and the hubs connecting to a site controller by UHF radio or fibre optic cable.

Both the hub and the site controller are (typically) powered by a solar panel with battery for backup. The site controller then communicates with a cloud server or a customer’s own network for interaction with the software suite.

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