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EarthSub Ground Movement Sensor

EarthSub is an electronic sensor device based on the latest generation of military missile/aircraft grade MEMS microchips that instantly and continuously measures 6 plane movement allowing a 3D analysis of sensor position


Rail networks are susceptible to ground movement events such as landslides and washouts. Changing climate conditions are expected to exacerbate the potential for frequency of such occurrences and EarthSub is a proven risk management strategy for rail operators.


Mine operators are tasked with providing returns to shareholders, providing safe working conditions, all balanced with the social licence to operate within community, environmental and regulatory expectations. EarthSub is the perfect risk management tool for real time monitoring of TSF failures or adverse subsidence events.


Static structures such as buildings, dams, tunnels or towers cab be subject to failure as a result of geological catastrophes, extreme weather events or simply age combined with poor maintenance intervals. The flexibility of EarthSub provides a reliable, cost effective and proven risk management tool to monitor infrastructure failures in real time.

Remotely monitor for unexpected movement

EarthSub is firstly, an early warning system for movement that is unexpected such as landslides, earthquakes, dam wall collapses and sink holes but can equally be used as a logging device for applications where movement is anticipated such as mining subsidence monitoring.


Monitor terrain, water based geological structures and physical structures

EarthSub is a unique and revolutionary Australian designed electronic ground movement sensor that delivers the ability to remotely monitor multi dimensional movement in terrain or water based geological structures. Physical structures such as buildings, towers or tunnels can also easily be monitored in real time by EarthSub as part of a Structural Health Monitoring regime.

EarthSub is constantly monitoring multi plane movements; at around 100 times per second it can generate an instant alarm if your infrastructure is threatened by greater than a predetermined threshold of subsidence.

Assets under risk from ground movement?

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