EarthSub Ground Movement Sensor Technology


EarthSub is a unique and revolutionary Australian designed electronic ground movement sensor that delivers the ability to remotely monitor multi dimensional movement in terrain or water based geological structures.

Physical structures such as buildings, towers or tunnels can also easily be monitored in real time by EarthSub as part of a Structural Health Monitoring regime.

EarthSub is firstly, an early warning system for movement that is unexpected such as landslides, earthquakes, dam wall collapses and sink holes but can equally be used as a logging device for applications where movement is anticipated such as mining subsidence monitoring.

Platform Overview

Based on latest generation MEMS chip technology, EarthSub can detect movement in multiple lateral planes.

MEMS components in EarthSub are military grade; high accuracy, extreme temperature, humidity and vibration resistant and designed for longevity in remote locations.

Deployment Modes

The EarthSub solution offers a number of deployment modes that facilitate any physical site requirements; whether in truly remote areas with no communication infrastructure or well serviced local regions with cellular or fibre access, EarthSub can be easily and quickly put into action to protect “at risk” assets.


EarthSub is manufactured to military standard MIL-STD810G for extreme ruggedness and resilience in harsh environments to resist extremes of temperature, dust, water ingress and vibration.


Access electronic versions of the EarthSub brochure, technical guides and case studies to learn more about this powerful risk mitigation tool.

EarthSub Platform

Assets under risk from ground movement?

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