Deployment Modes


Based on latest generation MEMS chip technology, EarthSub can detect movement in multiple lateral planes (up, down, left, right, back, forward) in user definable sensitivity settings based on distance, speed of movement or a combination of both. It can also uniquely measure pitch, roll and yaw down to an accuracy of .1 degrees.

Realtime Alert Mode

The most common mode for real time alert/alarm operation is an EarthSub sensor and Node which communicate with a dashboard application via LoraWAN technology. The typical latency between an event and a dashboard notification is under 10 seconds and the dashboard application then can generate visual display alarms, SMS messages or emails to key personnel.

The Node communicates with a Site Gateway device using the LoraWAN interface and the gateway then can implement a variety of topologies to interface to the Dashboard. These include cellular (3G/4G), LAN site connection or satellite.

EarthSub is optimised to interface to the Inmarsat technology and this is highly recommended as a “failover” option to eliminate the weakest part of the communication link.

Standalone Mode

An EarthSub sensor and Node can be installed without telemetry devices and will trigger an analogue alarm such as siren, flashing light or LED panel. This mode is ideal for “one off” short term monitoring applications. Data can be logged in the node and retrieved via SD card for later analysis.

EarthSub Platform

Assets under risk from ground movement?

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