Platform Overview


Based on latest generation MEMS chip technology, EarthSub can detect movement in multiple lateral planes (up, down, left, right, back, forward) in user definable sensitivity settings based on distance, speed of movement or a combination of both. It can also uniquely measure pitch, roll and yaw down to an accuracy of .1 degrees.

EarthSub Platform

The core of the EarthSub sensor is “next generation” MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) chip technology that integrates all sensory components such as accelerometers, compass, gyroscopes, temperature etc into a single silicon package. Precision manufacturing of these chips means consistency and ultra high reliability of the required functions.

Accordingly the EarthSub sensor can detect movement forward, back, up, down and left or right to a sensitivity of .01 mm.  It can also uniquely measure pitch, roll and yaw to an accuracy of .1 degrees.

Primary uses of MEMS chips include military applications such as UAV and missile deployments, NASA aerospace projects and consumers would recognise low accuracy, low cost variants in game consoles such as Nintendo Wii or Sony Playstation controllers.  MEMS components in EarthSub are military grade; high accuracy, extreme temperature, humidity and vibration resistant and designed for longevity in remote locations.

EarthSub Components

A basic EarthSub installation comprises a sensor, a telemetry and Edge computing node and a site gateway controller. The node has the additional ability to trigger an analogue alarm. The site gateway controller provides the “cloud” interface for any number of movement sensors and determines appropriate threshold levels for transmission of ‘cloud” data to minimise data volumes. As a result, the site gateway controller can send the collected data via optional forms of telemetry to the outside world for display and further manipulation.

For high risk asset applications, the analogue display allows a visual indication of unexpected earth or structural movement that can be seen by maintenance or field personnel in the vicinity thereby reducing 100% dependency on remote data communications to detect catastrophic failures.

Data telemetry between sensors and the node is via “rugged military grade cable and then to the site gateway controller via LoraWAN. The site gateway controller can then communicate to the “cloud” via cellular, fixed LAN or is integrated to Inmarsat satellite technology. This makes EarthSub an ideal solution for remote monitoring applications. Additionally, all devices in a typical configuration are monitored several times per second for a “heartbeat” to eliminate the likelihood of a system or component failure to compromise the monitoring function.

At the back end of a deployment is a cloud or client hosted software dashboard suite that collects data from EarthSub ground movement sensors and displays relevant alarms via text, SMS, email or a desktop visual application. This data can be integrated in SCADA dashboards or alternate telemetry dashboards as required.

EarthSub Platform

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