EarthSub Monitoring Applications

Why use EarthSub?

EarthSub technology provides a proven, reliable and cost effective method to minimise financial risk from physical asset failure and minimise risk of injury to individuals within the field of operation of the site.


Rail networks are susceptible to life threatening events because landslides, catastrophic washouts, embankment collapses, rock falls are a common occurrence in many geographical regions.  These events can be exacerbated via extreme weather events such as cyclones and severe storms.  Therefore these risks need to be reduced or eliminated.  Furthermore, a tool such as EarthSub monitoring can be an essential component of any planning strategy.  Imagine the life saving potential from early landslide detection and instant warning as terrain starts to move without waiting for the end result to become obvious; EarthSub as an “early warning” or “danger alert” real time system can contribute to safer rail road operations.


Tailing Dam Failure

The use of tailing dams is a cause of concern as to their integrity and safety. Tailing dam failure is potentially catastrophic for the environment and can profoundly affect communities in proximity. EarthSub tailing dam sensors can be embedded on the water side of a dam wall at the base and can identify dam failures long before external monitoring techniques.

Mine Subsidence

In long wall coal applications, mining subsidence can have adverse effects on nearby structures and physical assets such that monitoring of the degree of subsidence is essential to satisfy stakeholders in the integrity of the process. EarthSub can perform continuously in detecting subsidence over time as compared to traditional peg surveys conducted at long intervals.

EarthSub monitoring in real time can add assurance to the stability, reliability and compliance of mining sites to improve public perceptions and adherence to legal requirements.


Aging, poorly maintained or geologically unstable (random sink holes etc) infrastructure can be subject to catastrophic failures at any time.  Dams, bridges, tunnels and any solid structure can utilize EarthSub for Structural Heath Monitoring to allow early warning alarms to improve inspection and safety protocols.  The extremely high sensitivity of the sensors makes EarthSub an unparalleled choice where unexpected terrain movements need to be monitored.  It has a unique role in landslide monitoring technology due to its rugged design combined with instant alarm.

EarthSub can also have great benefits in seismic monitoring performing dual roles as a seismograph and also an accelerograph due to its unique sensitivity range adjustments.

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